Canna – Bio Terra plus 25L – Flowering soil with perlite


CANNA Research has succeeded in developing a cultivation soil that meets international standards. Bio Terra Plus is made from 100% natural elements and as such can therefore be used in organic cultivation.

Bio Terra Plus is composed of high quality peat, including premium white peat. The airy structure of white peat is reinforced with small pieces of bark with natural antiseptic effects. Bio Terra Plus is pre-fertilized with certified ingredients such as bone dust, bat guano and different trace elements from natural sources.

High quality raw materials

The Bio Terra Plus formula contains only certified ingredients from organic farming, including:

  • peat

The peat used meets the strictest quality requirements, and is only found in a few places on the planet. The long structure of its fibers makes this peat lighter, which gives the substrate increased aeration.

  • bark

Bio Terra Plus contains a special bark of very high quality. This bark also helps inhibit the development of harmful molds. Lower quality bark often found in less expensive substrates can be a vector for harmful pathogens.


Bio Terra Plus contains high quality COCO, the same as our excellent CANNA COCO. Thanks to a special method of sterilization, the spongy structure of our coco remains unaltered. The coir sold by most of our competitors is often sterilized by high pressure steam methods which destroy the microstructure of the substrate.

The combination of raw materials used in the development of our Bio Terra gives an incredibly light soil, capable of preserving its fluid and airy structure. This absolutely unique product sets a whole new standard in the potting soil market.


BIO TERRA PLUS is a pre-fertilized soil. Depending on the nutrient irrigation rate, the plants will absorb the fertilizing agent directly from the substrate through a self-regulating system. So they get what they need, when they need it.

If the plant receives the necessary nutrients directly from the nutrient solution, the elements contained in the pre-fertilized soil will stay longer in the substrate. The self-regulating effect also depends on various geographical and climatic factors: in England, the soil will probably release its nutrients more slowly than in Spain where the climate is warmer.

Due to the self-regulating effect of the substrate and the unique properties of our fertilizers, gardeners now have the opportunity to grow their plants naturally and easily.

With the range of BIOCANNA products, it becomes really difficult not to see the end of a cycle of growth.

Thanks to the unique properties of Bio Terra Plus, gardeners no longer need to check pH levels or EC (electrical conductivity) levels of the nutrient solution. In fact, it is the soil that rectifies the grower!

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