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18 in stock (can be backordered)


Terra Professional Plus 25L

Discover the fantastic Canna Terra Professional Plus +. This special formula was born from the desire to create the purest soil in the world. Its formulation is particularly intended for indoor or greenhouse plants. The high quality of its basic components, its fine texture and its high purity have already made it indispensable for many professional growers.

Excellent premium organic ingredients, such as airy white peat and a variety of bark with an antiseptic effect, are the elements of the composition of Terra Professional Plus . The result: particularly high root production and stronger stems. A faster metabolism and a high resistance to diseases ultimately ensure you a higher production.

Terra Professional Plus manual

Loosen the CANNA Terra Professional Plus, fill the pots, tamp down lightly. Add water until a little water runs out from under the pot. Then plant the plant in the CANNA Terra Professional Plus.

The plastic packaging is 100% recyclable.
Store cool and protected from light.
Storage temperature above 40°C
Capacity 25 or 50 L.

Information :

  • Organic (fertilizer): NPK 7-7-10 – 2.5kg/m³ – NF U 42-001
  • Mineral (fertilizer): NPK 12-14-24 – 1.2kg/m³ – NF U 42-001
  • pH: 6.0
  • Water retention: 7.1/g
  • Raw Organic Matter: 86%
  • Raw dry matter: 36%
  • Growth and flowering
  • Conductivity: 1.2mS/cm


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