50 in stock (can be backordered)

50 in stock (can be backordered)


Land of growth.

It is a ready-to-use soil mixture containing organic and mineral fertilizers. It contains perlite which provides drainage and aeration.


  • whitepeat,
  • baltic pepper,
  • irish pepper,
  • Sphagnum, black peat,
  • 15% pearlite,
  • 15% worm fertilizer,
  • Mixture of mineral fertilizers,
  • 1.5% organic fertilizers.

pH 5.9/6.2

CE: 1.1


When can I start giving nutrition if I am using Lightmix?

Lightmix is ​​already pre-fertilized for a week. Start giving nutrients after one week.

Should I check and adjust the pH value if I use Lightmix?

Yes, Lightmix has been formulated to grow using mineral nutrition. This means that the pH value affects how food is absorbed.

Can I use Alga Grow and Alga Bloom if I use Lightmix?

Yes. However, the best choice is Promix.

Can I germinate seeds in Lightmix?

Yes, but it’s better not to. Lightmix fibers may limit plant growth and the nutrients in Lightmix will retard root growth. The airy structure also means that contact between seed and moist soil is not as good. This prevents the seeds from absorbing the moisture they need to begin germination. Our Seeding and Cutting Soil helps prevent these problems and increases germination rate and speed, resulting in more uniform plants.

Can I plant the seedlings directly into Lightmix or is it better to plant them into Seedlings and Cutting Soil for a few days first?

Will sprouting roots be damaged if seedlings are planted directly
Planting 1-2 week old seedlings in Lightmix will cause no problems

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