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Torus Hydro – PerfectpH Stabilizer – 133 L (35 Gal)

PerfectpH  is a revolutionary pH stabilizer that automatically balances the pH of your hydroponic system or reservoir, keeping it within the optimum range for nutrient uptake.

PerfectpH solves the problem of environmental toxicity by removing positively charged ions that cause excess alkalinity, creating an ideal pH environment for your plants.

By using forced flux, ion exchange is now more efficient for a wider variety of setups. The Inline edition is directly connected to the pump of your hydraulic system using the supplied fittings.



  • Prevents excess pH swing which inhibits plant growth and weakens plants immune levels by removing excess toxic alkalinity.
  • In recirculating systems, PerfectpH will automatically balance to 5.07 to 6.05 pH.
  • In systems without recirculation, just set your pH and PerfectpH and keep within a range of ± 10%.


  • Eliminate the need for buffers such as pH Up and down
  • No need to check the pH daily
  • Reduces the frequency of tank changes
  • Reduced water consumption 
  • Reduced nutrient consumption
  • Increases yield

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