Control humidity with Dimlux


This probe is an RH humidity sensor for use with the DimLux Maxi Controller .

It will transfer information to the controller in order to display the humidity level in your grow room .


What is the Maxi Controller?
The Maxi Controller is a modular control system for controlling the DimLux lighting system, a fan and the heater . It can also control and monitor CO2 , evaporation pressure and plant temperature according to chosen sensors.
The Maxi Controller can control up to 160 DimLux Expert fixtures or Xtreme ballasts, so think about it for large installations!

Sensor operation with the controller:
If the humidity sensor is connected, a humidifier can also be activated with the Maxi Controller.
If the VPD is to be displayed, the facility temperature camera will also be required.


Cable length: 5 meters

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