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The SolarSystem 1100 of California Lightworks is a professional and powerful LED grow light which is designed for commercial indoor horticulture.

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SolarSystem 1100 

The SolarSystem 1100 of California Lightworks is a professional and powerful LED grow light which is designed for commercial indoor horticulture.

The power and spectrum of the SolarSystem 1100 can be adjusted if you connect the SolarSystem controller. The controller allows you to manually or automatically control the light’s spectrum and power, it eliminates the need for an external timer.

The SolarSystem 1100 uses 800 watts on full power and can easily be compared to a 1000 watts HPS light. The waterproof system is developed and produced in California and features OSRAMLED diodes, which are the most powerful LEDs available.

● Advanced LED grow light system

● Comparable with a 1000 watts HPS with 40% Less Energy

● Fully programmable spectrum control*

● Higher yields and better quality

● Perfect for propagation, veg or bloom

● Never needs bulbs – Easy to Install

● Perfect for small or large scale grows

● Perfect for small or large scale grows

● Lifespan: more than 50.000 hours

● Dimensions: 46 x 46 x 10 cm (18 x 18 x 4 inch)

● 5 year warranty

* Important: The SolarSystem Controller is required to use all features! (Sold separately)

Powered By OSRAM semiconductorsPowered By OSRAM semiconductors

Specifications SolarSystem

● Light output/PPviF: 1730 µmol/s

● Power consumption (watts): 0 – 800

● Electrical efficiency (µmol/J): 2,23

● Spectrum Control: Digital | Programmable

● Spectrum: Chlorophyll based (purple)

● Dimming: 3 channel 0-100% (The spectrum is divided onto 3 drivers: blue, white and red)

● Safe hanging distance: 75 – 100 cm (27,5 – 31,5 inch) from your canopy at full power

● Coverage area bloom: Optimal: 120 x 120 cm (4 x 4 Feet)

● Coverage area VEG: 240 x 240 cm (8 x 8 inch)

● Operating temperature: 0 – 41.7°C (0 – 107 F)

● Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz

● Fixture weight SolarSystem 1100: 11.8 kg (26 Lbs)

Full warranty: 3 years

● Limited warranty: 5 years

● LED lifetime rating: 50.000+ hours

● Cord length: 180 cm (6 feet)

● Certifications: UL & CE

● Thermal Management: Active (Fans)


SolarSystem 275 Spectrum / Spectral Output     SolarSystem 275 Spectrum / Spectral Output 2

LED light can be harmful for your eyes, therefore we recommend you to wear the Method Seven glasses to protect your eyes. Besides protection, the glasses filters the light to normal daylight colours which allows you to see the normal green colour of the plant.

– Control/program the entire growth cycle
- A single controller handles un unlimited number of lights
- Automated program for sunrise/sunset
– Digital timer eliminates 
the need for other external timers
– Day, week or season program
– Smooth transition from veg to bloom



One of the benefits of the SolarSystem 1100 is that the LED diodes (red, blue and white) are located on separate electronic circuits cq. drivers. This means all three channels (blue, red, white) can be controlled separately and set with the controller, in comparison with the SolarSystem 275 where only two channels (blue and red) can be controlled.

Another benefit is that you can give the plant more blue light in the growth stage and more red in the bloom phase when the plants need it the most. If for example your sativa is stretching too much you can reduce the red light and increase the blue to reduce internodal distance. On the other hand, if your indica is too short you can reduce the blue light and increase the red light to enlarge the internode distance and build a bigger plant structure. The controller also allows the LED’s to automatically and gradually switch on and off at sunrise or sunset.

The SolarSystem 1100 is lightweight and puts out more light than larger LED grow lights. The grow light is ideal for professional home growers who want to increase yields, quality and profitability.

Award winner

The SolarSystem LED grow lights won the Spannabis 2017 “Best Grow Product”, beating off some top quality competition. The SolarSystem series has been completely renewed in 2018, the efficiency improved greatly by this update. The LED system has been designed and produced in the USA, with the highest quality OSRAM diodes and a well balanced spectrum.

SolarSystem Series 275, 550, 1100 Spannabis Award 2017 LED Grow Light


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