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This complete premium soil mix consists only of organic matter and perlite.

Composition : worm fertilizer, guano, aspergillus and living bacteria bio-osmo, various vitamins and mixture of microelements.

pH: 5.9/6.2

CE: 1.8/2.2


When can I start adding nutrition when I am growing with Royalty mix?

Normally you will see the leaves turn yellow after 6 weeks. This is a sign that you need to start fertilizing.
Plagron has three organic soils which are pre-fertilized for 6 weeks.

How can I choose one of these three?

Due to its fertilization by Bat Guano, Bat Guano gives your plants a strong taste and smell. You should choose Batmix when quality is most important to you. Royalmix contains a selection of solid natural fertilizers that release nutrients when the plant needs them. Due to this you can expect a higher development and therefore a higher yield. Choose for Royalmix when you want to grow organically and when you want to go for the highest yield with a natural fruity taste. Plagron Allmix has a finer texture than Batmix and Royalmix. Due to this, it can hold more water better.This makes Plagron Allmix the right choice if you want organic growth, at high temperatures, in small pots or with high light intensity. Additionally Plagron Allmix is ​​ideal if you plan to reuse your soil and want to update it with Supermix.

Do I have to adjust the pH value, if I grow with Royalmix?

No, combined with our 100% NATURAL Growing Style you do not have to adjust the pH value.

I read on the site that I have to rinse Royalmix before using it. Why should I do this and how can I do this?

Our Royalmix is ​​maximally fertilized. For young plants that are not yet accustomed to high EC-values, it can be difficult when they are suddenly planted in maximum fertilized soil. Therefore, we recommend rinsing the Batmix before putting the plant in the Royalmix. This is done by filling the pot (eg 10 liters) with Royalmix and rinsing with 5 to 10 liters of water. After that, the plant can be planted directly. Fertilizers that are directly absorbed will be flushed out with the water. In the following days, the Royalmix CE value will rise again and gradually the non-absorbable fertilizers will be released.

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