Plagron perlite, for a more airy substrate and better drainage

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Plagron Perlite.

For a more airy substrate and better drainage

Made from heated volcanic rock, Perlite provides a more airy and draining substrate. Perlite is used to improve soil structure. Perlite offers a wide range of applications. The product offers consistent quality, contains no pathogenic germs and has an ideal air/water ratio. Perlite stimulates root development and promotes powerful growth.

UseMix 10? 35% Perlite to substrate. Warning During the mixing operation, wearing a dust mask is recommended.

100% perlite. CULTURE SUPPORT NF U 44-551

Plagron ‘s Tips

  • Perlite is also used as a hydroponic substrate.
  • It allows you to create a space for the roots under a tray of cuttings.
  • Perlite is an ideal complement to any type of substrate.



10l / 1.7? 1.9kg

60l / 10.2? 11.1 kg

Granularity: 3-4 mm

Hydroponic growing support and essential component of any good soil mixture, used in professional horticulture, perlite is an expanded volcanic rock, essential to all soil and coconut fibers (up to 30%): optimal oxygenation of the root system; However, perlite requires some precautions when using it, especially in its dry state. Wearing a mask is recommended since it is irritating to the respiratory tract. Wet, it remains harmless.

10L & 60L bags.


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10L, 60L


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