Plagron Terra Top Grow Box


All you need for growing in 1 m 2  – Could be 5 Large plants or 30 smaller plants


Plagron Terra Top Grow Box  ( Includes free Plagron lighter )

Plagron Terra Top Grow Box is a box containing all the necessary nutrients for 1 square meter of plants growing in soil, which could be 5 large plants or 30 smaller plants.

The Terra Top Grow box is a clever combination of liquid fertilisers and additives. The box is equipped with nutrients in direct form, focusing on the period of the plant (growth or bloom period).

The Top grow box consists of the following products:

      • Plagron Terra Bloom (1 litre) – All you need during bloom cycle
      • Plagron Terra Grow (100ml) – All you need during the growing cycle
      • Plagron Power Roots (100ml) – Stimulates root growth and boosts resistance
      • Plagron Pure Enzymes (100ml) – Accelerates nutrient absorption and reduces the risk of disease
      • Plagron Green sensation (100ml) – Powerful bloom stimulant

In the Top Grow Box is a flyer with a schedule so you can see which nutrients to use in which stage and the Terra Top Box also contains a cool free Plagron lighter!


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