2 Part Hydroponic nutrient for growth and flowering phase of your plants life

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Plagron Hydro A+B ( Hydroponic Nutrient )

Plagron Hydro A+B is a highly concentrated mineral basic hydroponic plant food for use during the plants growth and flowering phases. This unique liquid fertiliser contains all the trace elements in a quickly absorb able form.  Hydro A is rich in calcium which helps the plant against heat stress.  This allows the plant to develop optimally even if the pH value is not ideal or the water temperature is too low.


Provides complete control over food and pH values. Contains easily absorb-able nutrients within a wide pH range. Highly concentrated, so economical in use. Suitable for all Hydroponic and watering systems.

How To Apply:

Shake well before use. Add 1.6 ml per 1 litre of water (1:625). Use the same amount of Hydro A+B nutrient solution every time you water.


Hydro A:

  • water, calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate and potassium chloride.
  • NPK (5-0-2).
  • 5% Total nitrogen (N) of which 5% nitrate nitrogen (NO 3 )
  • 2% water soluble potassium oxide (K 2 O).

Hydro B:

  • NPK  (2-4-9).
  • 2% Total nitrogen (N) of which 1.9% nitrate nitrogen (NO3), 4% water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5),
  • 9% water soluble potassium oxide (K2O).

Attention! Always use Hydro A in combination with B and in the ratio 1:1. Hydro A & B is suitable for both run-to-waste and recycling indoor gardening systems. Mix A first, stir well and then add B and stir well.

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