High quality potting soil specially designed to provide a perfectly balanced growing environment, allowing abundant and superior harvests.


Mills Nutrients – Light Mix – 50L – Premium growing soil

Mills Nutrients Light Mix 50L is a high-quality growing soil that promotes the growth and vigor of your plants. It is specially designed to provide a perfectly balanced growing environment, allowing for abundant and superior harvests. Made from a carefully selected blend of black peat, sphagnum moss, perlite, white peat and lime, this low-fertilized potting mix meets the specific needs of your plants.

Ready to use, Light Mix does not require any additives during its first week of use. It is ideal for plants in the rooting phase, giving them an optimal start.

After the initial period, you can combine the Light Mix with fertilizers from the Mills Nutrients range for optimal nutrition for your plants. Using Basis A&B will provide a complete nutrient base throughout plant development. You can also add Vitalize for even healthier and more vigorous crops. Boosters such as Start-R, C4 and Ultimate PK can be used at different phases of flowering to adjust nutrient supplies according to the needs of your plants.

Mills Nutrients develops bio-mineral growing products, combining the benefits of nutrients of organic and synthetic origin. Light Mix maintains the vitality of your substrate thanks to its elements of organic origin, thus promoting the overall health of your plants.

Light Mix Mills are ideal for growing in soil and are a reliable, high quality choice for keen gardeners. With Mills Nutrients, give your plants the substrate they deserve to reach their full growth and flowering potential.

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