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COGR is the latest growing substrate developed by CANNA.

It is composed of a well-studied mixture of coconut dust, coconut fibers and coconut granules. The particularity of this culture media is that it contains more air. As a result, root production is accelerated and, consequently, the harvest is larger! To grow plants in COGR blocks, it is important to buffer the blocks before repotting with COGR Buffering Agent . COGR Vega A and B are then used during the growth phase and COGR Flores A and B during flowering and fruiting.

Culture support Complines with standard NF U 44-551

Composition: Coconut fiber

Dry matter: 30% of the raw product
Organic matter: 75% of the raw product
Resistivity: 0.6 ms/cm
PH (H20): 5.5- 6.5
Water retention : 250%
Volume: 3L
Mass: 1.6 kg
Packaged in Holland by: Canna International

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