Increase the longevity and accuracy of your Bluelab pH testers

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Bluelab – pH 7.0 solution – 250ml


Effective and affordable pH calibration

The Bluelab   pH 7.0 calibration solution  – 250 ml is essential for the proper use of your Bluelab  pH products. All  Bluelab  solutions  are developed  according to strict laboratory standards.  

Use pH Solution to improve the accuracy and longevity of your Bluelab pH product. The easy-to-follow calibration process is the same for all Bluelab pH meters and pens.  

After cleaning your pH probe, you will need to calibrate it with two reference standard pH calibration solutions – pH 4.0 and 7.0. Once calibrated, you can start measuring pH again immediately. You will need to recalibrate every time you clean your pH probe and when your meter alerts you that a calibration is needed. 

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