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Try pack: Outdoor Pack

If the climate in your area allows you to start growing outdoors, but you are not sure how to get started, let Biobizz make your choice easier. Try our Outdoor Pack, one of four members of our newest Biobizz Trypacks product family.

You’ll be able to grow your plants like a true professional with a complete, high-quality package that has been designed to be easy to handle, easy to use, easy to combine* and easy to pay for.

The Outdoor-pack for outdoor crops contains:

Bio Bloom, Fish Mix and Top Max.

A combination that will allow the grower to obtain a very useful experience of the Biobizz range of fertilizers given that it can provide the basic nutritional needs for 1 to 4 plants. The Biobizz Fish Mix contained in this pack helps potentiate all natural minerals and (micro)organisms and stimulates the production of beneficial bacteria. The high protein content creates a very rich organic substrate. But don’t try it at home or you’ll have to keep the windows open for a whole week! Start your green growing experience with the trial pack.

Biobizz Trypack!
* Use with any other Biobizz product or Trypacks to increase harvest and minimize costs.

The Biobizz Outdoor pack contains:
– Bio Bloom – 250 ML
– Fish Mix – 250ML
– Top Max – 250 ML

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