Flowering Stimulator: Increase flavor richness with Bud Candy from Advanced Nutrients.

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Flowering Stimulator: Increase flavor richness with Bud Candy from Advanced Nutrients.


Boost your plants’ flowering with Bud Candy, an innovative organic flowering stimulator designed to guarantee stunning results. Enriched with five essential carbohydrate sources, this revolutionary product stimulates terpene production, promoting optimal flower growth and exquisite aromas.

By nourishing beneficial soil micro-organisms, Bud Candy creates an environment conducive to healthy root development, leading to bountiful harvests. Its special formula, rich in magnesium, also supports the production of chlorophyll, improving the ability of plants to carry out photosynthesis.

The premium carbohydrates and magnesium contained in this product stimulate floral growth while intensifying desired aromas. Enriched with secondary nutrients and amino acids, it also promotes root development and improves the absorption of essential nutrients. This formulation leads to dense and abundant flowers, increasing both their size and weight to ensure a generous and top quality harvest. Additionally, its versatility of use allows it to be compatible with various hydroponic substrates and continuous growing systems, providing a flexible solution for growers.


Composition :

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: AMM n°1230896. Fertilizing material – Soluble concentrate of carbohydrate, fulvic acid and magnesium.

Dry matter 11.5%
Magnesium oxide (MgO) soluble in water 0.8%
Total nitrogen (N) 0.8%
Carbohydrates (D-galactose, D-ribose, D-xylose, glucose and maltose) 8%
Fulvic acid 5%
pH 5.6


Manual :

Mix 2 ml of Bud Candy per liter of water and use this solution during weeks 1-6 of the flowering phase of your plants. Apply 1 to 4 times per week for optimal results.


Give your plants the boost they need to produce spectacular flowers by ordering Advanced Nutrients – Bud Candy – 500ml now!

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