High performance lighting system, the latest novelty from Lumatek

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Discover the latest novelty from Lumatek, the Zeus 600W 3.1 Pro LED lamp


Opt for a high-performance lighting solution offering uniform light distribution , ideal for growing your plants indoors . Its power and flexibility allow you to easily switch from vegetative growth to increased light intensities during flowering, ensuring optimal yield. With an advantageous return on investment , this versatile option adapts to various uses, while offering a complete light spectrum to meet the needs of your plants at each stage of their development.


New improvements to the Lumatek Zeus 600W Pro 3.1:

– Improved Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF): The Pro 3.1 now shines with a PPF of 1990 µmol/s, marking a notable increase of 12.4% compared to its predecessor, the Pro 2.9. This increase in power ensures ideal lighting to promote plant growth.

– Optimized photon efficiency: Going from a photon efficiency of 2.9 µmol/J to 3.1 µmol/J, the Pro 3.1 demonstrates more efficient energy management, which translates into electricity savings for growers.

– Cutting-edge LED technology: By integrating the latest generation Samsung LM301H EVO and Osram 4.2 LEDs, the Pro 3.1 takes advantage of the latest and greatest technological advances to provide optimal lighting throughout the plant growth cycle.

– Expansion of coverage area: With a growing area expanded to 1.5 x 1.5 m for both vegetative and flowering phases, the Pro 3.1 offers increased flexibility to growers, allowing them to cover a larger area with a single unit.


The all-new Lumatek Zeus 3.1 series is built on a foundation of quality, combining premium Lumatek drivers with cutting-edge LEDs, such as Samsung LM301H EVO and Osram 4.2 , to create a full-spectrum light source ideal for all the phases of cultivation .

Thanks to the Clear Glue protection technology applied to the LED bars, light transmission reaches an impressive 99%, ensuring increased diode longevity, additional corrosion resistance, and high protection against water with a rating IP65.

The Zeus 600W Pro 3.1 lamp adapts perfectly to all stages of the growth of your plants, from germination to flowering! Whether in a controlled growth chamber or in a greenhouse, or even in humid environments, this lamp proves to be a wise choice. Just make sure to maintain an ambient temperature between 20°C and 30°C for optimal operation of your lighting system.

To maintain its effectiveness, a simple cleaning of the bars with a damp cloth is sufficient for basic maintenance.

Lumatek LED luminaires can be fully controlled with the Lumatek Plus Digital Panel.


Product Details:

Dimensions  : 1182 x 1091 x 52 mm

Model: Zeus 600 W Pro 3.1

Input voltage: 220 -240V 50/60Hz

Input power: 640W

Input current 230V 100% o/p: 2.9A (3.2A Max)

Power factor: >0.95

PPF: 1990 μmol/s

Efficiency: 3.1 μmol/J

Spectrum: Full spectrum F

Light source: SAMSUNG LM301H EVO | OSRAM 4.24

Operating temperature: -20° to +40°C

Accepted humidity level: 20% to 90% without condensation

Water/dust resistance: IP65

Radiation angle: 120°

Manual dimming / external lamp controller: 0-10V analog protocol


Composition :

– 6 LED light bars

– 1 main frame

– 1 LED transform

– 1 LED support A

– 1 LED support B

– 1 self-gripping strip

– 2 metal attachment cables

– 1 0-10V regulator controller

– 1 manual


Full spectrum F:

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