Winflex – Stream 100/125 thermostat – Silent air extractor

New generation extractor, acoustically and thermally insulated with an air flow of up to 320 m3/h. The soundproof housing of the Winflex Stream guarantees quiet fan operation with high aerodynamic characteristics. They are compatible with air ducts with a diameter of 100 to 160mm depending on the model.
Winflex Streams combines the capabilities and performance characteristics of axial and centrifugal fans, delivering powerful airflow and high pressure. They are used in the ventilation systems of various commercial and industrial premises with low sound level requirements such as libraries, conference rooms, educational institutions, day care centers, etc.

Built to last

Winflex Stream extractors are equipped with energy-efficient single-phase motors with low energy demand. The fan motors are equipped with thermal fuses for overload protection and the ball bearings provide long life (approximately 40,000 hours of continuous operation).
The enclosures are made from high quality, durable plastic, with premium internal thermal and acoustic insulation. The motor protection class is IPX4, allowing it to be installed in humid environments such as grow rooms.


  • adjustable thermostat and temperature sensor
  • IPX4 protected
  • strong soundproofing
  • thermostat and sensor
  • 100/125mm end caps included
  • 5kg
  • Dimensions End cap 100mm – D=100mm / B=253mm / L=752mm / H=273
  • End piece dimensions 125mm – D=125mm / B=253mm / L=679mm / H=273
  • DB at 3M / 100 = 19 < 23 < 27
  • DB at 3M / 125 = 20 < 22 < 28

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