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Smart Grow LED, the nomadic lamp to illuminate your potted plants!

This plant lamp is here to meet the needs of the lack of natural light and help the plant grow.
Thanks to its clip and its metal rod, you will be able to hang it on any pot. The remote control will allow you to adjust the light intensity and the duration of the lighting time.

Recommended potted plants:

  • Herbs: basil, thyme, parsley, mint, dill etc.
  • Flowers: Dianthus, Coreopsis, Gazania, Phlox etc.
  • Succulents: Cotyledon, Sedum, Echevaria etc.

Usage tip:

  • Ideal temperature: 16-24°C
  • Keep the light panel 1-2 inches above the plants to ensure they get the right amount of light.
  • 8H: 8 hours on and 16 hours off (Press the button, the 8H indicator light will be on)
  • 12H: 12 o’clock on and 12 o’clock off (Press the button again, the 12H light will be on)
  • 4:00 pm: 4:00 pm on and 8:00 pm off
  • No timer mode: light will stay on unless manually turned off (press button for 4th time, light will stay on)
  • Brightness is adjustable at 5 levels, the initial setting is the brightest mode (100%).
  • The brightness will follow the cycle below when the button is pressed: 100%-80%-60%-40%-20%-100%.
  • the smart grow led only provides the light needed for plant growth.
  • Reasonable humidity, nutrients, temperature and timely maintenance and other essential factors are also necessary to maintain plant health.


  • High performance PPFD – Uniform light
  • High Efficiency – Full Spectrum
  • 8/12/4 o’clock – automatic timer
  • All year
  • Adjustable brightness and height
  • Adjustable lamp angle
  • Attachment to hold on the pot
  • Light indicator 
  • Displaying the current timer setting mode


  • Size: 162.5 x 115.5 x (310-750)mm
  • Power: 10W
  • Beam angle: 120°
  • CCT: 3500K
  • Operating voltage: 5V DC
  • Lifespan: 25,000 hours
  • Operating temperature: -10° to 40°C
  • Index protection: IP20
  • CRI: >80

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