Terra Aquatica MaxiBloom 1kg


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MaxiGro is formulated to build strong roots, stems and foliage. It is designed for rapidly growing plants prior to flowering or fruit-set as well as salad greens

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General Hydroponics MaxiBloom 1kg

NPK: 5-15-14

The Maxi Series from General Hydroponics. PH-buffered, ultra-concentrated dry powder nutrients for hydroponics, coco and soil.  Using two mineral based 1-part formulations, one for grow,  one for bloom,  maxi series is our most concentrated product ever.  Compromised, of two powdered, mineral-based options that support your plants from beginning to bloom, the Maxi Series is their most cost-effective choice when it comes to nutrients.

The one-two nutritional punch includes MaxiGro and MaxiBloom, a duo of standalone, water-soluble formulas with primary, secondary and micro-nutrients. Once your pH target is met, the pH holds its value.

MaxiBloom is for the flowering phase of the plant. And, is designed to enhance robust flowering. Blended with purified water-soluble minerals, Maxigro includes Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur, missing in many common plant foods.  The dry form means it is portable, and easily stored.

The Maxi Series is excellent for hydroponics as well as soil  and coco gardening. Use MaxGro during the growth phase and switch to MaxiBloom during the bloom phase.


5 – 10 grams per 4 Litres fresh water.

Soil: Apply nutrient once or twice weekly, use plain water between applications.

Hydroponics: Change nutrient reservoir weekly.

Use mild strength nutrient for young plants and increase strength as plants grow.

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