Terra Aquatica Flora Duo Grow 1 Litre Hard Water


Promotes growth and structural development

GHE Flora Duo Grow For Hard Water !

GHE Flora Duo is a two-part mineral nutrient, Flora Duo Grow and Flora Duo Bloom. Designed and created in collaboration between Dr. Cal Herrmann and William Texier, this is our new formula, inspired from the latest discoveries in plant nutrition.

GHE Flora Duo is a « classic » mineral nutrient, with a difference (and an essential one), where each of the elements a plant needs is derived from a large variety of different sources. To create an excellent nutrient, you need of course a precise formula. But this is not all ! It also is very important that each element comes from different sources, and different salts. . And we don’t stop at that. We add in our bottle elements we could call “bio-activators”, that are not directly nutrients for plants, but which improve their general health, help them better absorb their food, and better resist to pathogen and insect aggression’s.

It comes in 2 parts: Flora Duo Grow and Flora Duo Bloom. To guarantee the best results, and adapt it to all regions, we offer the “Grow” in 2 versions : one for hard waters, and one for soft waters. Flora Duo Grow “soft water” is for de-mineralised and reverse osmosis waters.

GHE Flora Duo is highly concentrated : 4 ml/Litre is enough for a balanced and vigorous growth.  Flora Duo is economical and cost effective.

GHE Flora Duo is also user-friendly : by mixing 3 parts Flora Duo Grow with 1 part Flora Duo Bloom, you’ll address all growth requirements. Then, by reversing these proportions (3 parts Bloom with 1 part Grow), you’ll attend to all flowering needs. Flora Duo guarantees a perfect balance between growing and flowering. You need nothing else for abundant and healthy yields.

  • Shake well before each use, add each part to water separately, mix thoroughly, and always rinse measuring equipment.
  • Maximum of just 5 ml/L in water is required.
  • To ensure the best results in your area, Dual Part® (Grow) is available in both hard water and soft water versions: (more than 70 mg/L calcium, use Dual Part® Grow, hard water formulation, with less or if using reverse osmosis, use Dual Part® Grow, soft water.

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