Secret Jardin – Extractor DF16 – 150/250/350 m³/h

Control the climate of your grow space

Specially designed to clip onto Secret Jardin’s DUCTING FLANGE system, this extractor has the advantage of being assembled in less than 5 seconds and without any tools. It includes temperature control functions (T°, Max/min extraction speed) and 2 thermal sensors, one onboard for small tents and one external which will be useful for large growing spaces.

The Ducting Flange System

This exclusive attachment system ensures intercompatibility with all Secret Jardin accessories.

Moreover, this system will not limit you in any way, so you can create the growing space of your dreams by imagining the components yourself. The flange adapter makes it usable with most filters on the market but for maximum assembly and efficiency, use the extractor in combination with a DF16 filter.


YOU are in control! The DF16 extractor has a dimmer allowing you to choose your set temperature, determine the minimum extraction speed and define the maximum values ​​according to the surface of your culture space and the size of the filter. You can also mount the extractor in 4 different ways according to your needs:



Extractor and filter in the grow tent. Measurement taken 70cm in front of the grow tent

  • Outdoor Max 150 m3/h: 36 dB
  • Outdoor Max 250 m3/h: 54 dB
  • Outdoor Max 350 m3/h: 61 dB


  • DF16 extractor
  • flange adapter
  • external temperature probe
  • food
  • EU/UK/US adapters
  • User Manual



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