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Qnubu Press Pro-Rot 10 Tons (Plate 12x12cm), a powerful tool that will allow you to make your first Rosin extractions comfortably at home.

Maximum opening between plates: 60 mm

Available on backorder


The Qnubu Press Pro-Rot uses hydraulic physics for its operation, where two pistons of different areas work together to apply a multiplied force. With only a small force on the smaller area piston, High force is transmitted to the larger area piston, ensuring efficient and effective pressure on your extractions.

With this press, you will be able to obtain quality products made entirely by you, without risking with solvents and safe way. Its pressure capacity of 10 tons will allow you to make powerful extractions with a great return, and all this at a relatively low price.

With the combination of pressure and temperature, you can press and heat the plant matter to exude and release the resin from the trichomes, obtaining a high-quality resinous concentrate. In addition, you can also use the press to extract resin from other previous extractions, such as the Iceolator.

With the Qnubu Press Pro-Rot, you will not only be able to perform cannabis extractions, but also take advantage of its capabilities to extract essences and oils from aromatic and medicinal plants. You can produce your own aromas and remedies to take care of your health and surprise your loved ones.

Do not miss the opportunity to acquire the Qnubu Press Pro-Rot 10 Tons and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of high-quality home extractions!

How to use:

  • Connect to the mains and press the power button of the press.
  • Set the desired pressure, temperature and time parameters.
  • Wait for the thermostat to reach the set temperature value.
  • Introduce the properly packed vegetable matter between the plates.
  • Operate the pressure crank and activate the countdown button.
  • The press will emit a warning beep at the end of the countdown.
  • To release the pressure on the plates, the pressure valve must be turned to the left. The system hydraulic will release the pressure and the plates will open automatically.


  • Manual operation
  • Plug and Play System: Plug and Play
  • Pressure: 10000KG – 10 TON-
  • Plant size: 12 x 12 cm
  • Double temperature control (0-250 ºC)
  • Timer 0-999 sec. Acoustic warning
  • 220V European plug
  • Consumption: 1400 W/h
  • Weight: 40 Kg.
  • Dimensions: 33 x 34 x 59 cm (Length, Width, Height)
  • Current: 6.5A
  • Frequency: 5Hz
  • Certification: CE

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