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Prima Klima offers you the LED Shuttles 6 Dimmable 240W: a very efficient and long-lasting LED grow lamp:


The Shuttles LED lamp has an ideal light spectrum for growing fruit from cuttings or seeds.

In order to provide the optimum conditions, it is best to ventilate the cooling elements with a slight stream of air, for example using a fan . This will reduce cooling elements down to 15°C.

Plants stop growing when temperatures are 30 to 32°C, it is advisable to respect temperatures of around 17 to 23°C and avoid temperatures above 28°C.

On this model, the power can be adjusted from 10 to 100% using the potentiometer (regulator).The distance between the LED lamp having an operation of its power of 100% with a minimum distance of 40 cm for the highest plant in order to avoid a potential risk of exposure to radiation too high. However, if the lamp power is decreased to 30%, the distance may also be reduced.

It is imperative to protect the regulator from humidity, especially when cleaning your lamp or your plants (problem following this, not covered by the guarantee). By using it only when really needed.

For the 3-year warranty works, it is essential to register your device or have the warranty card stamped by the retailer with the date of purchase and present it in the event of a claim.

Composition : 

  • 1 LED lighting
  • 2 hanging hooks
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 sticker for contact protection

The processed components come from well-known manufacturers such as Osram and Lumileds.



  • Adjustable power
  • Long life expectancy


Technical characteristics:

Model LED Shuttles 6 Dimmable 240W
Input voltage 220-240V
Energy consumption 1.15A
Power 240W
PPF 552 μmol/sec
Luminous efficiency > 2.3 μmol/J
light-source LUMILEDS + Osram
Angle of light 120°
Index protection:
Not dimmable
Weight 5.5Kg
power-factor 0.95
operating temperature -20°C to +40°C


Safety advice :

Do not use this lamp outdoors and do not expose it to moisture.
It is important to always unplug the lamp for any cleaning or exchange of modules.
Protect your eyes with appropriate goggles when using it.
Exposed platinum lamp contacts must be covered with attached stickers before the product can be used again.
The intelligent power driver automatically adjusts the lamp power according to the number of modules integrated.
The lamp must not be used with unprotected contacts due to the risk of electric shock.
Check and clean the modules every 3 months. Only wipe the polycarbonate cover of the LED lamp with a cotton or microfiber cloth and a mild detergent (lens wiper). Never use detergents containing solvents!
Except for the case mentioned above, the lamp is maintenance-free.

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