Platinium Soil Light Mix is ​​suitable for sowing  and cuttings , it ensures a good start to your crop, it is enriched for 3 weeks.

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Land of growth

Platinium Light Mix is ​​a ready-to-use soil mixture containing organic and mineral fertilizers as well as perlite to ensure drainage and aeration. The Light Mix is ​​suitable for sowing and cuttings , it guarantees a good start to your crop. This substrate contains mineral fertilization for 2 to 3 weeks to start and therefore allows the user to subsequently provide the desired type of fertilization.

A breeding ground for intensive cultivation

PLATINIUM substrates are specially designed to succeed in all your cultivation and planting of indoor plants. They are composed of the best raw materials available on the market: blond peats sifted into different fractions, black peat, perlite and appropriate fertilization. The fractions used as well as the fertilization are optimized according to the desired application of the product. So we offer you the Light Mix, the Grow Mix and the Royal Mix . PLATINIUM substrates offer high water availability for the plant, thanks to the use of carefully selected peats, but at the same time optimal aeration, thanks to the structure of the peat after sieving and the addition of perlite.

Composition :

  • Soil based on blond peat, black peat, Baltic peat, Irish peat, sphagnum moss, black peat.
  • 15% perlite
  • 15% worm fertilizer
  • Mixture of mineral fertilizers
  • 1.5% organic fertilizer.


Features :

  • Dry matter as a % of the raw product: 30%
  • Organic matter as a % of dry matter: 85%
  • Electrical conductivity: 20 mS/cm
  • Water retention capacity and % (v/v) of growing medium: 80%
  • pH (H2O): 6.2
  • NPK 14-16-18 fertilizer: 0.5 kg/m³
  • Volume: 20L

Specific instructions for use and storage: Product reserved for leisure gardening.
Store the product in a dry place, away from sunlight.

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