Plagron Vita Start 1 Litre


Organic foliar feed, Vitamin spray for seedlings, cuttings and mother plants


Plagron Vita Start 1 Litre

is a liquid growth stimulator for seedlings, cuttings and mother plants.

Vita Start has a broad range of effects, it aids in the development of large and strong root systems, builds up good resistance and accelerates the absorption of nutrients in the plant.

It also promotes faster cell division which increases branches and shoots, which considerably increases the number of cuttings per parent plant.


      • Both Stimulates and accelerates the growth and flowering;
      • Increases resistance;
      • Stimulates the production of chlorophyll;
      • Encourages branching and fruiting;
      • Also suitable for mother.

Dose:  1ml of Vita Start per 1 litre of water. Spray your plants once a week.


Organic NPK fertilizer (6-0-5).

6.3% total nitrogen (N) of which 6.3% organically bound nitrogen,

4.8% of water-soluble potassium oxide (K 2 O).

Tips from Plagron:

      • If you want a quick result, spray Vita Start on the underside of your leaves.
      • Use Vita Start to reduce the risk of under or overfed crops


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