Powerful organic stimulator which stimulates the production of chlorophyll, increasing the sugar levels in your plants

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Plagron Sugar Royal

Plagron Sugar Royal is a very powerful organic stimulator, that is made from amino acids. The combination of a complex mix of vitamins and trace elements enhances the production of chlorophyll, increasing the sugar levels in your plants.

Some of the amino acids in Plagron Sugar Royal will push your plants to react as though they are going to dry out and they will naturally try to protect themselves in the best possible way, by maximising their sugar production. The increase in sugar levels will lead to a sweeter tasting crop with a much stronger fragrance.

If you want the best results possible from your crop, we highly recommend you use Plagron Sugar Royal during your plants flowering period, combined with Plagron Green Sensation, a powerful flowering stimulator that contains enzymes and an extra dose of organic phosphorus and potassium, for the optimum results.


  • For the last 2 weeks of growth until one week before harvest.
  • For soil and coco substrates, Sugar Royal should only be applied to your plants once a week at the rate of 2ml per litre of water.
  • In hydroponics, Sugar Royal can be added to your tank weekly at the rate of 1ml per litre of water.
  • If combining Sugar Royal with Green Sensation add only 1ml per litre of water.

Dose: Add a maximum of 2ml of Plagron Sugar Royal per 1 litre of water (1:500)

Combine with Green Sensation in your schedule for bigger better yields !!!

 Myths and truths about growing with Sugar Royal

Plagron Sugar Royal is one of our most popular additives next to Green Sensation. But there are a number of myths about its use and function. Below we discuss the most frequently heard inaccuracies and important facts about Plagorn Sugar Royal. Sugar Royal reviewed.

Myth: Sugar Royal is sugar water

Plagron Sugar Royal improves the taste of your end product by increasing the Brix value. The Brix value is the amount of dissolved solids in the plant sap, including sugar. “So Sugar Royal is just a sugar solution for your plant, right?” No, that’s a myth. Plagron Sugar Royal improves the taste by provoking plant stress. The plant accelerates its metabolism to overcome stress. As a result, more sugars, among other things to have more energy. Sugars that the plant does not need are stored in the fruit and that gives a better taste.

Truth: Sugar Royal contains amino acids

Yep! Plagron Sugar Royal contains various amino acids that have a positive effect on your plants, for example by working as readily available building materials. The result is a shorter plant cycle and earlier fruit production. That is why we say: Sugar Royal improves the taste and shortens the cycle.

Myth: cannot combine Sugar Royal

“If you use Sugar Royal, you should not use lots of other products!” You should, though! Plagron Sugar Royal combines very well with our other products. In fact, you must use a basic nutrient, because Sugar Royal does not have the NPK value to provide a plant with all the necessary nutrients. But you can also give Power Roots to improve the root system of your plant.

Truth: Sugar Royal works best in combination with Green Sensation

For the best yield and taste of your cultivation, use Plagron Sugar Royal in combination with Green Sensation. This legendary combination gives your plant a boost to produce the best taste and yield. Green Sensation improves the flowering, the soil, the resistance of the plant and the yield of your harvest. Plagron Sugar Royal improves the taste and accelerates the cycle so that you have faster results. It’s a perfect match! Best Buds!

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