Obtain healthy roots and a perennial and resistant crop

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Hydro Roots fertilizer for optimal growth – Plagron

Hydro Roots is a true elixir of vitality for your plants. Infused with phosphorus and boron, this additive redefines the way your roots interact with their environment, paving the way for exuberant growth and thriving health.

The carefully selected minerals act directly on better assimilation of nutrients, each bringing its own touch to the web of your root system. They not only strengthen the roots, they transform them into a resistant mass, fleshing out their branches and thickening their root hairs.

A well-developed root system allows absorption of essential elements more efficiently than ever. This is the secret to lush growth, abundant flowering and a bumper harvest.

A good root system elevates the plant to its full potential. The Plagron technology team comes together to make your garden thrive like never before. With Hydro Root, your growth phase will be fast and healthy


  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Rapid development of root mass
  • Allows resistance to diseases
  • Prosperous growth cycle
  • Simple and economical to use

Worn :

  • Can be useful until the third week of flowering (Culture in short cycle)
  • Mineral fertilizer for use in hydroponic systems
  • Specific for root development
  • Shake well before use


  • Dosage 1 ml per liter of water (1:1,000)

Composition :

  • NPK: 0-20-0
  • Boron: 0.23%
  • Phosphorus: 20.47%


  • Hydro Root can be used with other Plagron fertilizers or insecticides, including Hydro A+B, Power Buds, Green Sensation, and additives from our universal range.

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