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New: Plagron Easy Pack

Besides Plagrons Top Grow Box and their Starter Set they’re adding two new packs to their line up: the Easy Pack 100% NATURAL and the Easy Pack 100% TERRA. The Top Grow Box and Starter Set are made for a cultivation on one m² or of one plant. The new Easy Pack is designed for starting growers who want more than just basic nutrients.

The Easy Pack contains organic or mineral basic nutrients as well as our star product Green Sensation. With the basic nutrients you ensure a good start and strong flowering phase for your plants. Green Sensation combines 4 positive effects in 1 bottle. It improves flowering, resistance, soil and yield. The combination of products in this pack ensures a legendary yield with heaver and more compact fruits.

What’s in the pack?

  • Basic nutrients
    • 100% NATURAL variant: 250 ml Alga Grow + 250 ml Alga Bloom
    • 100% TERRA variant: 250 ml Terra Grow + 250 ml Terra Bloom
  • 50 ml Green Sensation
  • Measuring cup

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