Reduce the number of endomycorrhizal fungi on the roots of your plants grown on synthetic media in completely sterile conditions with Monster X platinum nutrients mycorrhizae.



Platinum – Monster X – mychorizes 500 propagules/g

The revolution has arrived with a new generation and ultra – efficient product , Monster times higher , Monster

Mycorrhizal fungi are microorganisms capable of associating with plant roots and creating a network of filaments in the soil transporting all the nutrients and water so important for the plant ( P, Zn, Cu, Mo , etc.). .) down to the roots

What are the differences between in vitro mycorrhizae, traditional spore types or conventional propagules?


Fertilizing material – Microbial preparation based on endomycorrhizal fungus (Glomus intraradices strain CMCCROC7) and algae extract.
Fertilizer of plant origin based on micronized roots of mycorrhizal plants and brown algae.
Usable in Organic Agriculture in accordance with CEE regulation No. 834/2007.

Mycorrhiza is an association between a plant and a fungus (or mycelium) which is established for the entire life of the plant.

Monster X Mycorrhizae

  • Ensures the gradual release of minerals and trace elements as close as possible to the roots.
  • Increases resistance to drought,
  • Reduces the need for phosphate fertilization,
  • Improve rooting.

Can be used on all types of plants, except for plants from the following families: Ericaceae, Chenopodiaceae, forest trees.

EU fertilizer Complies with regulation 2019/1009.
PFC 7. Combination of fertilizers. Solid product.

Ingredients :

4975g of Ascophyllum nodosum (extract, CAS n°84775-78-0; CMC1 – Substances and mixtures based on virgin materials) and 15g of a microbial preparation based on arbuscular endomycorrhizal fungus Glomus intraradices (strain CMCCROC7, CMC7 – Microorganisms). Final concentration: 600 UPM/g.

Nutrient content:

  • Total nitrogen (N) 1.5% including organic nitrogen of plant origin 1%
  • Potassium oxide (K2O) total 20%
  • Organic carbon (Corg): 30%
  • Dry matter: 95%. Corg/Ntot = 20.

Storage conditions:

  • 12 months in original packaging. Do not expose to frost or temperatures >40°C.
  • 24 months if stored at 4°C.

Instructions for use:

  • Big cultures. Liquid coating of seeds and application in the planting furrow.
  • 1 application, before planting.
  • Can be used on all types of plants, except for plants from the following families: ericaceous, chenopodiaceae, forest trees.
  • Carry out the dilution by stirring the solution without interruption.
  • As a localized contribution (planting, sowing, cuttings, acclimatization, transplanting or repotting):
  • Spraying, watering, injection, dipping, dripping.
  • For 10 to 20 plants – Dilute 20g in 2L of water then complete to obtain 10L of solution.
  • Lightly clear the soil around the plant to facilitate contact between the mycorrhiza and the plant.
  • Water your plants and trees.
  • Mixed with growing media for soilless cultivation:
  • Maximum dose 0.3g/L of substrate.


  • Coconut bread 15L or LDR bread 133x15x7.5cm (15000cm3 =15L): 4.5g max
  • LDR bread 100x15x7.5cm (11250cm3=11.25L): 3.3g max
  • LDR bread 100x10x7.5cm (=7.5L): 2.2g max
  • LDR bread 50x15x7.5cm (=5.6L): 1.7g max
  • Plug LDR dia. 20cm, H15cm (=4.71L): 1.4g max
  • Plug LDR dia. 24cm, H20cm (=9L): 2.7g max
  • LDR cube 20x20x20cm (=8L): 2.4g max
  • LDR cube 15x15x15cm (=3.375L): 1g max

In seed coating:

  • Dose of 3g/Kg of seeds.

Safety and environmental information:

  • EUH 208 – microorganisms are likely to cause sensitization reactions.
  • P102 – Keep out of reach of children. P270 – Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling the product.
  • P280 – Wear gloves when handling the product.

Special mentions:

  • Avoid certain fungicide treatments, particularly based on iprodione and mancozeb.
  • Reduce or eliminate phosphate fertilization in the case of above-ground crops.

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