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10 bar LED lighting, full spectrum

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Lumatek – Zeus 1000W Xtreme CO2 LED lamp


Lumatek offers you Zeus 1000W Xtreme CO2 for great results

Lumatek LED lighting allows high production in indoor cultivation.
With its full spectrum it is ideal for growth and flowering.
This LED lighting is the most powerful on the horticultural market.
With additional CO2, it allows a cultivation of 1.5 x 1.5 m, and a short distance between the top of the plant and the light fixture.
To guarantee PPFD levels depending on the growth phase, without adding CO2,
it is necessary to provide a higher space between the top of the plant and the light fixture and a cultivation space of 1.8 x 1.8 m.

Zeus Xtreme 1000W PPFD lighting is an extremely efficient and economical LED.

The powerful linear light on multiple bars diffuses up to: PPF 2925 ?mol / s
With a formidable photonic efficiency of 2.9 ?mol / J

The distribution of the Zeus Xtreme light spectrum allows perfect regularity, with uniform and intense lighting.

The use of CO2 (carbon dioxide) is a real plus for having a high crop yield.

For proper use of CO2: Once you exceed the PPFD of 1000 ?mol / s / m2,
you must be at 1:1 with a CO2 PPM up to 1500.
Namely: PPFD max = 1500 ?mol / s / m2, with a CO2 of 1500 PPM.
To ensure a good start it is recommended to be at 1400 PPM.

The system has protection with Clear Glue technology, it allows the 10 LED bars  a higher light transmission of 99%, without loss of light.

Easy assembly.
Very good diode lifespan.
Corrosion resistant.
Great IP65 waterproofing.
Easy to care for, with slightly damp cotton.

It is possible to have external control of the LED system with the Lumatek digital controller

Digital Panel Plus 2.0

Light synchronization, automatic dimming (1% increments), Sunrise and Sunset mode for up to 100 fixtures per controller.

The Zeus Xtreme 1000w LED system can also be put on a universal controller with a 0-10V output.
Note: In case of RJ port, please put an RJ-0-10V signal converter control adapter.


Energy savings of up to 40% compared to HPS
LED lighting can provide greater production results than ordinary lighting, with more powerful aromas.
60,000 hours of use is possible.
Reliable with low diffusion heat.
Smart drivers.
Complete circuit protection and overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating circuit protection.
The drivers have an automatic decrease or increase of power, this allows a precise quantity of light bars connected to the lighting.

Light intensity: The level of PPF can be dimmed as needed during the cultivation phases,
this will not change the spectral power distribution.

Detachable driver for remote use.
Fully dimmable.
User-friendly Plug & Play assembly.
100W Pro 2.9 magnetic light bars, replaceable.

CE – LVD – EMC certified




Input voltage 220-240V,50-60Hz
Efficiency 2.9 ?mol / D
PPF 2925 ?mol / s
electricity 1025w
Footprint With CO2 supplement: 1.5 x 1.5 m of cultivation – Without CO2 supplement: 1.80 x 1.80 m of cultivation and more height
Waterproof IP65
Lighting duration 60,000 hours
Light distribution 120°
Light source Osram diodes
External control Lumatek Digital Panel Plus 2
Dimmable Off 25% 50% 75% 100% with 0-10V – Light dimmer included
Weight 18kg
Dimensions 1181.2 x 1091 x105.7 mm
Spectrum  Complete


Simple and quick assembly

  • Installation instructions
  • 10 Lumatek Full Spectrum Magnetic Light Bars – Power per bar: 100W Pro 2.9
  • 1 Lumatek Xtreme Pro 1000W controller with connection cable
  • 1 LED frame with connection cable
  • 1 0-10V dimmer + velcro
  • 2 x metal cable hooks


Use the  Lumatek LED Grow Light Calculator  :

To be advised on the best luminaire in terms of footprint, power and usable efficiency, depending on the size of your growing area:  click here .


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