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Designed for CMH and HPS bulbs under an ultra reflective hammered reflector

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The Utopia 630W/600W fixture is designed for CMH and HPS bulbs under a 97% reflective Hammertone Focal reflector.



Lumatek innovates by presenting a new HID digital ballast for the horticultural lighting sector. The Utopia 630/600 DE CMH/HPS is microprocessor controlled to power both CMH and HPS grow lights.

Designed for use in grow rooms, tents and climate-controlled greenhouses, the Utopia is an all-in-one fixture with a hybrid digital ballast connected to a double-ended (DE) lamp holder in a focal aluminum reflector. 97% reflective premium anodized aluminum.


The Utopia 630W/600W ballast can power Double Ended (DE) 600W HPS and 630W CMH bulbs at high or low voltage. It reduces the need for each light source, reducing costs and maximizing efficiency and flexibility for all growers. Both manually dimmable to 80%-90%-100%, it is also externally controllable using the Lumatek Control Panel with automated dimming from 80% to 110% in 1% increments and controlled by temperature.



  • High output and efficiency
  • Powers two different technologies: CMH and HPS
  • Ideal with 600W HPS and 630W CMH bulbs
  • 97% reflective hammered reflector
  • Complete and balanced luminaire
  • Detachable ballast for remote use
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Manually dimmable from 80-90% to 100%
  • Controllable with the Lumatek control panel plus


– Bulbs sold separately

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