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120W LED panel in real consumption, composed of modules.

Each module contains 1 high efficiency COB + 6 x 3W LEDs. Indoorled ‘s
HPS Killer , as its name suggests, allows the light to be focused directly towards the plants and gives a significantly more efficient light than an HPS bulb. This device makes it possible to guarantee a much more intense photosynthetic activity of the plants. The best way to measure this type of radiation is through the photosynthetic photon flux density also called PPFD. The HPS Killer has been exclusively designed for use in indoor cultivation.

The HPS Killer is equivalent to a 250W HPS bulb. Luminous efficiency of 1446 μmol .


  • 4 LED modules: 2 full/1 growing/1 flowering
  • Cable with rubber connector
  • Mounting kit consisting of:
    • At least 4 steel wires (depending on model chosen)
    • At least 1 spring hook (depending on model chosen)
  • Universal Instruction Manual

Technical characteristics of the HPS KILLER LED module

Modules Growth Mode Flowering fashion
Composition 1 x High Efficiency COB + 6 x 3W LEDs
Fluent    80% After life expectancy assessment  
Consumption 30W per module 30W per module
   beam angle    COB: 105° LED only: 105°

Technical characteristics of HPS KILLER

Model 120W 270W 480W 700W
 Piling up
4 x LED
9 x LED
16 x LED
16 x LED
of LEDs
     4x COB + 24x SMD    
(LED 3535)
     9x COB + 54x SMD    
(LED 3535)
     16x COB + 96x SMD    
(3535 LEDs)
     16x COB + 96x SMD    
(3535 LEDs)
Growth Modules 2 5 8 8
Flowering Modules 2  4 8 8
Consumption 120W 270W 480W 700W

HPS  equivalent
250/300W 550/600W 1000W 1200W
Voltage 100-250V 50-60Hz
Boot time < 1 second
Cable CE C13/C14
Materials Aluminum side panel
+ metal front/back panel
housing color White
Dimensions 291 x 291 x 70mm 421 x 421 x 70mm 555x555x70mm 650x650x70mm
Weight 3.65 Kg / 4 Kg 7.9 Kg / 8.2 Kg 13.1Kg / 14Kg 15.1kg
Lifetime 40,000 hours



Calculation of PAR*. PPFD determined at 30cm, 60cm and 90cm in areas of 40x40cm, 60x60cm, 80x80cm and 100x100cm respectively.


BY 120W

PAR* measurement carried out inside a box in 600D Mylar fabric.
Sample taken at 33 different points in an area of ​​​​100x100cm.



PAR* The light emitted by the LEDs calculated by the PAR (Photosynthetic Activ Radiation).




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