PitPuk: The one-of-a-kind modular filtration system by Prima Klima

The PitPuk Carbon Filter is a modular filtration system that absorbs odor particles through its CTC80 highly activated virgin carbon with 3mm pellets. You can easily change the activated carbon cartridges (PUK) thanks to its great modularity.

How does the PitPuk carbon filter work?

The PitPuk filtration system is made up of two parts:

The Pit is composed of a flange (100, 125 or 150mm) connectable to an air extractor and an extremely shock-resistant polyamide box.

Puk is the filter cartridge composed of activated carbon filled with 3mm CTC580 virgin carbon. Its thick hard disk shape allows it to be easily interchangeable and will suit all sizes of PIT. Depending on airflow and humidity, the lifespan of a Puk can be up to 2 years.

Technical characteristics of your complete PitPuk 100mm

  • Flange: 125mm
  • Height: 213mm
  • Diameter: 367mm
  • Max airflow: 240m3 / h
  • Optimal airflow: 160m 3 /h
  • Weight: 2.94kg
  • Activated carbon: 1kg

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