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Canna Flush fertilizer   developed for the elimination of excess nutrients in the plant and in the substrate during cultivation.

Use in all substrates.

Canna  Flush is an additive that cleans substrates and plants from excess nutrients. Used in cases of high fertilization, it cleans the substrate effectively, without killing beneficial bacteria, useful to the plant’s radial system. It can also be used before harvest, which ensures a clean, fertilizer-free and tasty harvest.


  • In hydroponics: 40ml for 10 liters of water
  • In soil or coconut: 20ml for 10 liters of water.

Canna Flush fertilizer exists in 250ml.


Rinse drainable substrates of excess nutrients with water Soil mixes or peat mixes.

  • Administer the diluted Flush product (20ml for 10 l of water) until flow
  • Irrigate the plants once with tap water according to the normal irrigation frequency until runoff
  • Continue the usual feeding program

Hydroculture (open systems)

  • Administer the diluted Flush product (40ml for 10 l of water) during the last feeding of the day until 10-20% flow.
  • Irrigate plants once with tap water until runoff
  • Administer the product according to the usual feeding schedule with normal flow, starting the next day.

Directions for use: before harvest (unique to annual crops)

  • Start the treatment one to two weeks before harvest and apply the product according to the pre-mentioned values ​​and in the pre-mentioned way, once a week.
  • Continue treatment during harvest according to the usual feeding program

How to: Recover Inert Substrates

  • CANNA Flush is an ideal product for cleaning inert substrates (such as clay pebbles).
  • Add the diluted CANNA Flush (40ml for 10 l of tap water). Leave to soak for 24 hours. Then rinse with the same amount of tap water.
  • Repeat the operation if necessary.

Storage, health and safety and other useful instructions

  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Store the product closed in its packaging in a dark and frost-proof place.
  • Keep the product out of the reach of children


CANNA uses only high quality ingredients that are immediately and fully assimilated by the plant. The packaging is made of polyethylene (free of cadmium and PVC), an easily recyclable and biodegradable plastic material. CANNA Flush effectively cleanses the medium and rids it of excess nutrient salts. If used in the event of over-smoking or heavy feeding, this product will clean the medium without harming any beneficial organisms, which may however be the case if reverse osmosis treated water or water is used. demineralised. rid plants and substrates of excess nutrients.

Can be used for any type of medium.

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