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CANNABOOST Accelerator

Stock solution to be diluted with major element
1.2% Phosphoric Anhydride (P2O5)


The CANNABOOST accelerator optimizes the metabolism of your plants. An important factor since the assimilation of nutrients significantly depends on the health of the plant and its metabolic rate. CANNABOOST is specially designed for short-cycle plant varieties.

Advantages of CANNABOOST accelerator for growing plants:

Increases the quantity of harvests

CANNABOOST stimulates the development of recently formed flowers. which gives larger fruits than usual and a more uniform harvest, because the fruits mature gradually. CANNABOOST not only guarantees a more abundant harvest, but also an improved flavor. A plus for the CANNA grower!

Suitable for all growing media and substrates

CANNABOOST is a universal flowering stimulator: it can therefore be used as part of all cultivation systems and in combination with all feeding methods, without the slightest exception. You can add the CANNBOOST additive to your nutrient solution or use it by spraying it on the leaves (foliar feeding). Thus, the plant can absorb the flowering stimulator directly through its leaves.

Even more spectacular yields when combined with the PK 13/14 mineral blend

CANNABOOST is not a nutrient but an additive that increases the plant’s photosynthesis capacity (one of the reactions at the origin of a plant’s metabolism). Strengthening these capabilities ensures that the fruits will take shape more quickly. Nutrient availability is therefore essential in obtaining optimal results from CANNABOOST. The administration of CANNA fertilizers guarantees the availability of all nutrients. Even better results can be achieved by using the CANNA PK 13/14 mineral blend in addition to the reliable CANNA diet. Indeed, the PK 13/14 mixture provides the plant with additional flowering elements, while CANNABOOST guarantees that the plant has the energy necessary to use these elements.

Increased maturity and strengthening of the immune system

In addition to flowering stimulants which ensure that the plant will reach its full potential at maturity, CANNABOOST contains natural flowering regulators. They allow the fruits to develop more uniformly and reach their full potential at maturity. Thanks to the improved regulation of its energy, the plant is better equipped to resist pathogens. If energy is lacking where it is needed, diseases will often attack the plant at the crucial harvest time, with disastrous results.

Strengthened and improved flavor

With CANNABOOST, you are guaranteed to get higher yield and unmatched flavor. Today, the quality of a harvest is not measured only by weight. Quality, like flavor, plays an increasingly important role. The acceleration of the photosynthesis process significantly increases the production of sugars in fruits, which generates a sweeter taste and a greater concentration of natural flavors. The intense scent of essential fruit oils is more than eloquent.
Most stimulators are just nutritional supplements. However, real stimulators like CANNABOOST stimulate a plant’s metabolism and improve its health. CANNABOOST constitutes the new generation of stimulators.
Thanks to this product, we have once again given the term Quality its full meaning!

Instructions for use

  • Shake well before use
  • Dosage: administer CANNABOOST by diluting it 1/500 (20 ml for 10 liters of water) as soon as the flowers begin to form. To enhance flowering, dilute 1/250 (40 ml for 10 liters of water)
  • Do not use with products containing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
  • Use the diluted solution within 4 days
  • CANNABOOST can be administered manually, by drip irrigation or by foliar nutrition

Storage, health and safety and other usage instructions

  • Use CANNABOOST with your usual fertilizer
  • Store the container closed, away from light and frost.
  • Keep out of reach of children

The container is made of polyethylene (cadmium-free PVC), a recyclable plastic material.

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