Are you looking for the best carbon filters on the European market ? Opt for Bull Filters carbon filters !

Efficient and durable , Bull Filters carbon filters contain virgin carbon imported from Australia , whose specific grain size (RC-4/8) gives Bull Filters a particular lightness and a very appreciable compactness .

By respecting the conditions of use (indicated below) , the Bull Filter 100 x 150 200 m3/h shows real efficiency for up to two consecutive years . 100% guaranteed .


Characteristics of a Bull Filter 100 x 150 200 m3/h:

– Filter outlet:  100 mm  ;

– Maximum air volume accepted:  200 m3/h  ;

– Size:  150 x 10cm  ;

– Weight:  1.46  kg;

– Two pre-filters included, for intensive and constant use.


Here are the tips for use so that the Bull Filter 100 x 150 200 m3/h carbon filter can last  for two consecutive years  :

– install the Bull Filter 100 x 150 200 m3/h carbon filter   within the culture space, in the center and at the height  of the latter, and  connect it to the inlet  of an  air extractor, whose flow does not exceed 200 m3 per hour  ;

– be sure to retain all its effectiveness,  exclusively for the flowering or fruiting phase , and thus, so as not to expose it to excessive humidity,  imperatively below 70% humidity,  which would definitely harm its performance;

– keep  the pre-filter  of the Bull Filter 100 x 150 200 m3/h (wadding form surrounding the carbon filter),  always clean and placed around the filter  when in use, in order to avoid any blockage, which could be caused by surrounding pollution and plant pollen;

–  clean the pre-filter  of the Bull Filter 100 x 150 200 m3/h filter, as soon as it appears tarnished, by simply taking it off and placing it in the  washing machine at 30°C (maximum)  to end up  drying outdoors  only.

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