Solve your humidity problems easily with this Advanced Star dehumidifier that can be transported as needed.

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Advanced Star – Mini Peltier dehumidifier – 500ml

Solve your humidity problems with ease!

Discreet, light and silent, the Advanced Star mini  Peltier effect dehumidifier  will fit into all rooms of the house and will be particularly effective against  humidity problems  in bathrooms or  managing the humidity  of your space of culture. 

As for  safety , the level sensors will automatically cut off the dehumidifier in the event of too much. This product complies with all  CE standards.

Opt for efficient dehumidification and  low energy consumption  thanks to the Peltier effect, with its safety and its 23W consumption you will be able to operate it permanently without problem. Its quiet operation of 35db will not disturb your sleep or your work.

The  coverage area is 10m² , perfect for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, wardrobe, bookcase, cupboard, terrarium, grow room, boat, office etc…


  • Peltier thermoelectric module
  • Fan 80x80mm
  • Removable 500ml tank
  • Capacity of 250ml/day
  • Water level detector
  • 154x218x130mm

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