• Optimal ratios of Calcium, Magnesium, AND iron help prevent nutrient lockout
  • pH Perfect® Technology keeps pH in its sweet spot for maximum nutrient absorption
  • Ideal amounts of micro, macro, and secondary nutrients unlock a bountiful grow phase.
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Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Coco Grow A & B is created for the vegetative phase and guarantees strong growth. The formula contains increased amounts of Calcium and Magnesium to provide the right ratio of trace elements. Because coco releases Potassium as it degrades, Sensi Grow Coco A&B comprises lower amounts of the element. The product is made at the highest standards and delivers high harvest yields and healthy crops.

General Information:-

  • The formula is suitable for plants growing in coco mediums;
  • The product is a 2-part nutrient;
  • Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow Coco A & B is made for the vegetative phase and provides your plants with a balanced ratio of nutrients;
  • Sensi Grow Coco A&B comprises natural and organic ingredients such as Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, and a wetting agent.


  • Sensi Coco Grow A & B is user-friendly;
  • The product is made at the highest quality standards;
  • The formula has an increased solubility level;
  • Plants can immediately absorb the nutrients;
  • Prevents nutrient deficiency and promotes a strong development of your crops.

The Science:-

Coco is one of the most productive and easiest growing mediums to grow your plants. Sensi Grow Coco A & B is made especially for growing your crops in coco. Because the medium tends to bind to Magnesium and Calcium, it can cause nutrient deficiencies. Sensi Grow A & B includes high quantities of Calcium and Magnesium to prevent such deficiencies. The formula contains lower amounts of Potassium because coco releases Potassium during degradation. Too much Potassium can be toxic to your plants. The formula also contains a wetting agent, which reduces the surface tension in your feed water, enabling easier nutrient absorption. The product includes Advanced Nutrients’ high-performance pH Perfect technology, which automatically regulates the level of the pH.

How to Use:-

Growers use Sensi Grow A & B during the vegetative phase for plants growing in coco. Use part A and part B in equal dosages of 4 ml/L. Don’t mix the two parts in a concentrated form.

Best Practices:-

Sensi Grow A & B is a user-friendly and highly soluble nutrient, which you can add to your feed water container and stir. Add equal amounts of part A and part B to your water container. First, add part A and mix. Follow with Sensi Grow part B and stir well. Because the product includes the pH Perfect technology, you shouldn’t regulate the pH. The level of the pH will adjust automatically. Store the products in a safe place. Keep them away from extreme temperatures.

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