Are you a plant lover who wants to grow different kinds of plants in your home? Maybe you don’t have space for a garden. How would your plants be able to grow properly indoors then? Well, fear not, as there is always a solution to such problems!

You can use a small grow tent for growing small house plants that still require some light to grow healthily. And you can find such tents here at Grow Shop Ireland

Use Grow Tents To Grow Your Plants

Who would have thought that we would be able to grow plants inside of a tent in 2021! Well, it is the reality and we indeed can use a tent that has a lighting contraption to promote the growth of your plants. 

The mechanism of the whole grow tent concept is that these tents have a lighting system that acts as an artificial sunlight provider. The LED light inside the tent provides adequate light that helps with the photosynthesis process of your plants, as a result, helping them grow even without actual sunlight. 

Two Of Our Most Popular Small Tents 

If we had to help you choose two of the best small grow tents, we would pick the green cube roof to grow tent and the lighthouse LITE grow tent. These are the smallest that we have and are effective at helping plants grow as much as possible. 

Green Qube Roof Grow Tent 

This particular tent is designed keeping in mind the people who have limited amounts of space. It has a height of 1.8 m only and is easy to assemble, durable, and built to last long. It is made of diamond cut superior Mylar fabric and comes with thick poles, waterproof zips, an uplift bar for the gravity-fed hydroponic watering systems, and viewing windows.

LightHouse LITE Grow Tent 

If you thought the previous one was good, be sure that you will love this one too. The LIghtHouse LITE has lightweight frames and features nylon corners. Made with tri-layer 210 Denier fabric, the reflective liner offers up to 30% higher reflectivity compared to other ones. It also comes with removable waterproof insert keys. Overall, an amazing grow tent

We Have Bigger Ones As Well

If you have space and don’t have a tight budget, you can get a bigger grow tent as well. We have tons of products that you can choose from. So, if you want to check those out too, they will be available on our site. 

Grow Shop Ireland Is A Hub For All Plant Growth Products

We not only provide grow tents but also have a wide variety of other plant growth products. From nutrient mixes, pH controllers, growing pots, grow lights, etc. Be sure to check out all our products including the small grow tents, and purchase the best one for your plants. And if you want a customized order, email us to place your order today!