When it comes to growing plants indoors, there’s no better option than growtainers. A grow container or a growtainer is essentially a type of container where you can keep your plants to provide an artificial environment that is favorable for them. 

And if you want to garden indoors and are in need of such containers, we have just the thing for you! Here at Grow Shop Ireland, we have the best growtainers that you can find in the market. 

Growtainers Come In Different Shapes And Sizes 

As it is a very versatile product, it is available in different shapes and sizes, and you can opt for one depending on the space that you have in your home. Some are very large with a considerable height, while others are pretty compact and not as roomy. 

The One’s People Are Most Hyped About

Considering all your requirements and limitations let us show you the best options for a growtainer for you. Most of our customers have loved these four and they happen to be the most popular ones. 

LightHouse MAX

The LightHouse Max is a very high-quality growtainer with strong and thick poles. The walls of the container are made of a material called ULTRALUX, which is one premium quality fabric. It offers 30% more reflectivity compared to most other tents. 

Green Qube Roof

If your home has low ceilings this one is for you. It stands only 1.8 meters tall, has viewing windows, and has double socks to fit all ducting. The material of the walls is a diamond cut Mylar fabric. The best part about this growtainer is that it is super affordable. 

Secret Jardin Dark Room 

A dark room with enough ventilation? The Secret Jardin Darkroom is your best bet. Set up a solar lamp that would provide adequate lighting and promote photosynthesis in the plants.  

Secret Jardin Lodge 

And if the darkroom feels too big, you can always opt for the Secret Jardin Lodge. It’s pretty much the same just smaller and more compact. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have enough space. Rest assured that you can store a bunch of plants in there.  

Maximize Your Plant Growth With Our Other Stuff

Being a brand that manufactures and supplies growtainers, it is natural that we have many other plant growth products. In our store, we also have plant growth nutrients like macronutrients and micronutrients, nutrient mixes, pesticides, pH controllers, pH meters, grow lights, grow pots, and so on. 

Browse Through Our Site And Order Your Growtainer Today!

So if you want to grow your plants inside the house, be sure to visit our site and find the best growtainer for your home. You’ll certainly love the quality. We deliver all over Ireland, so if you order now, we can have your desired grow container sent to your doorstep. You can also place a custom order by emailing us, so hurry up and place your order now!