Technology has evolved so much, that we have pretty much figured out various alternatives to the sun for a lot of purposes. One of the best examples of such is the grow lights used to grow plants. If you are a gardener looking for such a light in order to grow your plants inside the house, you have come to the right place. 

Here at Grow Shop Ireland, we have the best kind of grow lights you can think of. From sodium lights to LEDs to grow tents with lighting setups, we have it all! 

Solar Lamps Made Of High-Pressure Sodium 

High-pressure sodium solar lights have gained quite the popularity because of their ability to mimic the essential properties of the sun, at least on a small scale. You can easily use these lights to promote the growth of your plants, even when there is no sunlight out. 

The sodium lamps are available in both 400 and 600 watts and all have a battery life of 32000 hours. The 400-watt one outputs 140 lumens of light per watt, while the 600-watt one outputs 155 lumens per watt. While these are amazing as plant growing lights, you might want to replace them every 9 to 12 months. 

LED Lights That Do The Exact Same Thing

LED lights have the best effect on the flowering stage of a plant. These lights allow you to separately use the UV part of the spectrum, which can be used to reduce mould development and strengthen the leaves. Not only that but you can also use the IR radiation from the light for increasing internodes and enhancing the growth rate of your plants. 

Use Them Inside A Grow Tent For Maximum Results 

The best way of using these lights is inside a grow tent. These tents are designed to accommodate a bunch of plants to provide the perfect artificial environment on a small scale. You can install your grow lights on the ceiling of the tent and let your plants bask in the light to produce their own food (photosynthesis). So, if you want to get these tents, check them out too!

We Have Other Plant Growth Products Too

Aside from the lights and the tents, we have various plant growth and care products like plant nutrients, pesticides, pH controllers and meters, etc. We also have plant pots for you to grow them in. Visit our website and check everything out!

We Offer Delivery All Over Ireland 

Grow Shop Ireland offers delivery all over the country, so regardless of which county or city you live in, we’ll get your stuff sent to you. 

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So, if you want to promote the growth of your plants and help them reach their full potential faster than they’re growing, be sure to check out our grow lights. These lights are surely a game-changer, and your plants will love the extra brightness.