Are you looking for something to grow your plants in, because you don’t have space to make a proper garden? A grow container would be the perfect choice in that case. And if you are in search of something like that, you just found it!

Here at Grow Shop Ireland, we have the best grow containers and tents that are perfect for growing plants in and creating that artificial environment for them even inside the house. 

Choose From Different Sizes And Types 

When it comes to plant growing containers, we actually have a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. Whether you have a ton of space in your home for a large container or you are short on space and need a compact one, we have got you covered for either case. 

These containers are very high quality, being made from high-quality materials, and offer the kind of reliability needed by beginner gardeners. 

Our Best Seller Grow Containers 

Some of our growing containers are more popular than others. Depending on whether you have a lot of space or not enough, you can choose from the following 4. We suppose either of these four would appeal to you. 

Green Qube Roof

With a height of 1.8 m, the Green Qube Roof is the best choice for homes with low ceilings. Equipped with double oversized socks that fit all the ducting and windows for viewing inside and outside. It is made of diamond cut Mylar fabric, making it super durable and high quality. 

LightHouse MAX 

With strong and thick poles for keeping the tent up and walls made of a material called ULTRALUX, this is one premium quality grow container. The material offers 30% more reflectivity than other similar tents. 

Secret Jardin Lodge 

For those of you who need a small grow container, the Secret Jardin Lodge is perfect. It is super compact but can also store enough plants; at least more than you would expect.  

Secret Jardin Dark Room 

But if you want something bigger than that, you can opt for the Dark Room instead. It is essentially the same as the Lodge but bigger and better. If you have some room to spare in your house, you can check this one out for growing your plants. 

We Have Many Other Products to Choose From

Aside from the amazing containers and tents, we also have many other plant growth products. We have products like plant nutrient mixes, pesticides, pH meters and controllers, solar lamps, and so on. You can find them all on our website, at affordable prices. 

Check Out Our Site To See Which Grow Container Suits You

So, instead of wasting time reading about all this, why don’t you go visit our site and see for yourself which products you need? Choose your desired grow container and grow your precious plants inside the artificial environment that you can create using these containers. Have fun indoor gardening!