While gardening in a proper garden is always a better option, sometimes people don’t have enough space for a whole garden. Or maybe they do, but they want to buy more plants and also grow them indoors with the perfect plant growing environment. 

Well, if you are someone like that, you NEED to get a grow box for your plants. And here at Grow Shop Ireland, we have the perfect kind of grow boxes. 

We Have Small Boxes And Big Boxes 

Whether you are short on space or have enough space and just need the boxes to provide the perfect artificial environment, we have got you covered. We have a wide variety of grow boxes, tents, and rooms that can get the job done efficiently. 

Made with high-quality materials and equipped with a lighting setup for artificial sunlight supply, these grow boxes are exactly what you need for indoor plant growing. 

The Most Popular Grow Boxes

Many people in Ireland buy grow boxes from us and some have quite the reputation among others. The most popular ones that customers always choose are:

Secret Jardin Dark Room 

If you want a type of darkroom to grow box where you can store your plants and provide adequate ventilation, the Secret Jardin Darkroom is the best option. You can set up a solar lamp inside to create an artificial outdoor environment. 

Secret Jardin Lodge 

If you want a grow box that is a tad bit smaller than the darkroom, the Secret Jardin Lodge is the best choice. It still has enough space to keep a few plants, while being super compact itself. 

LightHouse MAX 

A premium quality grow box/tent that is very durable and heavy-duty. It has strong and thick poles that keep the tent up and the walls are made of a material called ULTRA LUX that is said to offer as high as 30% more reflectivity. These are perfect for growing plants inside.  

Green Qube Roof

Standing 1.8 meters high, this one is perfect for homes with lower ceilings. It has viewing windows, double oversized socks for fitting all ducting, and is made of diamond cut Mylar fabric. This is one of the most affordable grow boxes, so you will surely love it. 

Use These To Provide The Best Artificial Environment 

All the grow boxes are perfect for providing that perfect artificial environment needed for plant growth. They are all made of high-quality materials so you know they will last for several years. Combine the tents with high-quality solar lamps and you can have the perfect plant growing environment inside your home. 

Visit Our Website And Choose The Best Grow Box!

So, if you are interested in purchasing the perfect grow box for growing your plants, be sure to visit our website. We also have other plant growth enhancers, so give those a look too if you want. Have fun growing your plants!