One of the most important ways to protect plants from environmental stress is by providing them with stable conditions. Eco heaters are designed for this purpose, and they can be used in propagation areas where a fixed ambient temperature is required over extended periods of time – ideal!

We at Grow Shop Ireland have been providing high quality tools to gardeners for almost 20 years, our wide range of eco heaters is designed to keep your indoor plants happy and healthy.

Eco Heaters Are Ideal For Propagating Plants

They can be used in propagating plants in homes or greenhouses. They are more effective than traditional electric heaters because they generate less heat that may harm the delicate roots of the plants. They also provide warmth for a greater number of hours per day without increasing air temperature due to their low-intensity heating system.

The best thing about eco heaters is their low cost. They can also be mounted anywhere in the greenhouse and may even double as a plant support frame.

An Energy-Sufficient Solution

Eco heaters provide an energy-efficient solution for ensuring constant warmth in the home where other heating methods may be too costly or unreliable. They can emit heat for up to 8 hours and provide a more efficient way of heating than most other types of heating systems.

There are no specific disadvantages to owning an eco heater. However, one should always be careful when purchasing products like this on the internet and ensure that the products will actually be delivered on time and meet specifications.

Check Out Our Wide Range of Eco Heaters Today!

Grow Shop Ireland offer a wide range of eco heaters that work by transferring heat to the immediate environment through absorption and radiation. The heaters function just like any normal heater but without the use of combustible materials. This means you can place them in your indoor garden safely and know they will not cause major problems with your plants or environment.

The eco heaters we stock are easy to use and very safe, so it’s a great idea for those wanting to grow with heating but who aren’t sure which product is best for their setup. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so if you have any queries simply give us a call on 085 770 1822 and we’ll help you out as best as we can!

We have several sizes of eco heater available from small 150w options right up to larger 1000w systems that will provide ample warmth during cold winter months or for those just starting out with growing.

We have been selling eco heaters for a number of years now and have heard from many happy customers, who have been able to successfully grow plants through the dark winter months. These heaters are particularly good for those wanting to start growing indoors as they will allow you to spend less time worrying about your environment and more time enjoying your indoor garden!

We also offer a great service of installation where we can supply you with an eco heater, set it up in your growing area for you and train you on how to use the equipment safely.

For more information on our range of services please feel free to give us a call today!