Flowers are one of the most beautiful plants in the world. They symbolize a multitude of things but they all fall under the footnote of beauty. One of the most beautiful things about them is how much care goes behind growing them.

If you’ve ever owned a flower, you know this to be true. It gets exhausted taking constant care of them but it is certainly all worth it. To help make the process a little easier, Grow Shop Ireland introduces you to big buds.

This nutrient is the hack to make your flowers bigger, stronger, and better in every conceivable way. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at how all three of our big bud formulas give you results with correct usage.

How Big Buds Ensure Healthy Growth

The big bud nutrients are made with the perfect ratio of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and amino acid. All of you planting experts know that these chemicals are the gold standard for promoting growth.

We won’t go into the scientific details but they make sure that your flowers grow to be their healthiest. Weight is an important metric that can be used to measure the effectiveness and these nutrients and it yields great results in this aspect.

Additionally, these flowers are also a lot denser than those without big buds. By dense, we don’t mean dumb, by the way. They are literally thicker and stronger thanks to the formula.

This makes the plants smell better too. The quality is greatly improved in every aspect and that leads to an economic benefit as well.

You read that right. If you are planting for commercial purposes, big buds can be your best friend. These flowers have much higher market value thanks to the fact that they are better in almost every way.

Fit For Purpose

You can’t just find a magic potion that fixes all your flowers, unfortunately. You need to be careful about the way you use big bud nutrients but before we talk about how to let’s cover when.

For most flowers, use the generic advanced nutrients big bud formula. This is a reliable and simple formula that works on all flowers and isn’t specially designed for any specific flowers.

Advanced nutrients big bud coco is the formula we developed for the coco coir. This formula is made to cater to that species and we recommend opting for this if you own those beautiful flowers.

The last variant we have is the advanced nutrients big bud powder. It encourages easier absorption but it isn’t as delicate as the generic formula.

Use It Right

Now on to how these nutrients are easier to use than you’d think. First off, you don’t need to worry about feeding programs. They work with all plans.

The generic formula only needs 5 ml for every litter of nutrient solution, the coco version needs a lower dose of 2ml and the powder requires a measly 10 grams.

Please remember that these measurements were carefully planned out. Any excess doses of big bud may harm your flowers.