Vitalink ESSENTIALS pH Down


Phosphoric acid 81% strength, concentrated for the professional grower

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PH Down

VitaLink ESSENTIALS pH Down is a concentrated acid (81% phosphoric acid). It is used to adjust the pH of nutrient solutions.

At first measure the PH of the nutrient solution.

Secondly, use a small amount of PH down as needed.

Finallly, keep using in small controlled doses to lower the pH of nutrient solutions.

Mix thoroughly and measure with a calibrated pH meter until you attain the desired pH reading.

Ideal for adjusting large volumes of nutrient solution.

Available in 250ml and 1L bottles.

Also, available in pH Down Easy for a more gradual change in pH.

Also, available in PH up

Never combine pH Down with pH Up, they are both aggressive acids !!


250 ml, 1 litre


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