The control of the fertilizer dosage  is done automatically by the measurement of the continuous conductivity, which has a solution or final mixture with the conductivity you desire.

Regulation of the pH of the aqueous medium is also carried out continuously, with the final pH desired by the user.

The dosing volume of each pump is independently adjustable.

There are two versions: With adjustable pumps from 0 to 400 cc/h and from 0 to 7 l/h.

With the possibility of increasing the flow. 

Probably the most advanced fertigation system and with the best quality / price ratio on the market.

Its applications are many and varied: Nurseries, Research Centers, Manufacture of Chemical Products, Farms, Garden Centers, Grow Shop

ph and ec controller

Supplied with PH and EC Controller  :

  • pH probe
  • EC probe
  • PH probe holder
  • CE cable connector
  • Push and suction tubes
  • Injectors
  • Fixing brackets and anchors

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