pH/EC Continuous Flow Controller

Allows to have a pH / EC always at the right value.
Indicates pH/EC values ​​and regulates continuously, for precise water adjustment.


Information on the Prosystemaqua Basic Control:

  • Works with multiple systems: Hydroponics, aeroponics. In the aquarium or for vertical flow.
  • Constant flow rate of the pH controller: 40ml/h
  • EC controller constant flow: 0.5l
  • The controller is held on a methacrylate plate, where the water inlet can be connected, as well as the outlet pipe of the recirculation pump.
  • Dirt filter helps maintain accuracy of pH/EC probes

Contents: Filters and suction tubes for nutrient and pH bottles – 20ml 1430 ms calibration bag – 50ml pH 7 calibration bottle




Controller requires configuration before operation

  • pH:
    Enter the desired value in the water container.
    Program the pH mode in mode ” down or up.
    Proceed with the calibration.
  • EC:
    Enter the desired EC value in the water container.
    Verification of the temperature compensation, as well as the alarm of the schedules and air.
    Perform calibration .
  • Water recirculation:
    The operation of the recirculation pump must be simultaneous with the Ph and Ec Basic control panel and recirculate the water through the collector.
  • pH measurement and conductivity: The probe enables conductivity
    detection and determines the value, to transmit it to the screen of each pump.
  • Fertilizer suction and pH regulator:
    The controllers inject the product into the suction filter, and regulate the pH and EC
  • Fertilizer injection:
    Once the EC and pH values ​​are indicated in the controller, the fertilizer and pH distribution through the manifold injection valves adjusts the values ​​in the water container

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