Plagron Lemon Kick 1 Litre


Lowers the pH value in a natural way.

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Plagron Lemon Kick 1 Litre

Lemon Kick is an organic pH controller that allows you to reduce the pH of the nutrient solution to the ideal range of 5.5 to 6.5. Only a nutrient solution with the proper pH ensures that the plant absorbs nutrients in the right proportion. This then has a stimulating effect on the metabolism. As a result, the plant grows faster.

Lemon Kick is safer to use than the regular pH adjusters.

      • Increases resistance
      • Stimulates the growth
      • Three times as effective as other pH-regulators
      • Suitable soil, coco and hydro
      • Can be used in the growth and flowering phase


Shake well before use.

Firstly, add Lemon Kick in steps of 0.5 ml per liter of water (1:2000) and continuously measures the pH value.

Composition:  water, citric acid.
Ph up and PH down are dangerous together and must never be mixed.

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