Plagron Bio Supermix 5 Litre


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A unique and complete natural fertilizer to improve your soil

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Plagron Bio Supermix

Bio Supermix is a unique and complete natural fertilizer to improve your soil. This soil improver is balanced and has live bacteria and fungi, vitamins and minerals, spore elements, worms’ humus and Peru Guano for optimal plant development. Bio Supermix provides a rich soil and increases resistance.

Complete fertilizer for a rich soil. It can also be used to upgrade already used soil or soil without nutrients. If one adds 5% Bio Supermix to poor soil and takes a twice as large pot than usual, it is possible to continue the whole culture without adding any liquid fertilizers.

Stimulates soil life
Increases resistance
Contains all fertilizers in optimum ratio

Bio Supermix makes additions such as worm humus and Peru Guano unnecessary.
This fertilizer replaces all liquid based fertilizers.
Bio Supermix is easy to use because it delivers time-released fertilizer.

Bone meal, Feather meal, Peru Guano, natural phosphate, betonite, maerl, basalt, seaweed meal, lava meal.
Solution of organic NPK fertilizer (1-2-0). 1.2% nitrogen total (N) from which 1.2% organic bound nitrogen. 1.6% water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide (P205). 0.35% water-soluble potassium oxide (K20).

Outside full soil: 1 litre per 10-20 m2
Potting: 1 litre per 20 or 40 litres potting soil.

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